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How To Enroll In A Study

Step I: Check Potential Study Eligibility

Our offices participate in various clinical research studies; some of which are listed below. If you are interested in a study that you may be eligible for please contact us to schedule an in-person appointment about proceeding to Step II.

Step II: Complete A Pre-Screening Appointment

At the scheduled office appointment you will receive additional information on the research study that you are interested in and you will also complete a pre-screening form in-person. This form will help us determine if you are a match to that specific study to participate in.

Step III: Receive A Follow-Up Consultation

After we review the completed form, if you are eligible for the study selected, then the enrollment process will begin, which may require additional information and/or documentation of your medical history from your health care provider.

Bacterial Infection Treatment Study - 2024

Location: North Site [Coral Gables] and South Site [Homestead]

Duration: Minimum of 8 on-site visits, along with follow-ups via phone

upon enrollment.

Summary: Blood infection research study regarding E. coli and UTIs.

Target Population: Participants who are 65 or older in age who had a Urinary Tract infection in the past 2 years.

Compensation: For time and travel, participants will be paid at each visit.

Schizophrenia Symptoms Treatment Study - 2024

Location: North Site [Coral Gables]

Duration: Minimum of 12 weeks upon enrollment with 7 on-site visits.

Summary: Schizophrenia research study for individuals who are experiencing symptoms while on treatment with antipsychotics.

Target Population: Participants who are 18 or older in age who have been
diagnosed with schizophrenia for at least 1 year and have a documented history of not responding well to antipsychotic treatment.

Compensation: For time and travel, participants will be paid at each visit.

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